Physical Therapy in Asheville NC

Can you say “magic” about new therapy?


“Chronic pain was curtailing my normally active lifestyle to the point that I thought I would never again have the thrill of hiking a mountain trail or even playing a pain-free game of golf.

I became aware that Dr. Dan Carmack at Breakthrough Performance and Wellness in Asheville was certified in offering patients a new European technique known as Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy.

He told me this therapy was the brainchild of Dr. Mikel H. G. Hoff, an internationally renowned therapist. It was popular first in Europe and then caught on in America. In case you have never heard of it, when I received it the physical therapist applied thin circular discs to my skin. Then neuro-frequencies were transmitted through the neurons in my body.

I had been in chronic pain for more than 1 ½ years when I had my first session and unbelievably, in just that one application, my pain stopped. I asked Dr. Carmack if it was magic.

I could not believe what was happening. The conclusion after the next several sessions was that I got my life back! I just came in from a half hour vigorous hike and I am not in pain. I never thought I would say those words again.

Thank-you Dr. Dan!”

Sydney M.

Dry Needling got me back to CrossFit


“After 11 years at a desk job and great CrossFit workouts on the weekends, I thought I had life in balance until chronic back pain set it. It felt like I could hardly walk and get dressed in the morning, let alone enjoy the vigorous lifestyle I loved.

I visited Dr. Dan Carmack at Breakthrough Performance and Wellness and he recommended dry needling. It really helped my low back pain.

I could feel the pain leaving my body as early as the first treatment and now, after several, I am back to CrossFit and enjoying my life again.

It is a great therapy and I was pleased at the way my active lifestyle was respected and encouraged by Dr. Carmack.”

Ashley F.

Praise for Sports Conditioning Program


“Two years ago I experienced a really painful rotator cuff tear during a vigorous game of tennis, and I figured my days on the court were done.

The recovery process was hard on me and it took a long time before I could function without a lot of pain.

Then, even though I was healed, I was scared to go back to playing tennis for fear I would re-injure it.

A friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Carmack at Breakthrough Performance and ask about his sport conditioning program.

I didn’t even know that I could just call and book an appointment with a physical therapist without going back to my doctor, but I could. I apologized for coming in without an injury, and told him I was only there to see if I could do something to strengthen myself so I would hurt my shoulder again if I went back to my game.

He assured me that coming in to avoid injury made a lot more sense than waiting until after the injury happened. He helped me through a great sports conditioning program to build my strength and flexibility before I got back to my game.

I have since successfully returned and am enjoying every game!

Shirley J.