Breakthrough Performance and Wellness Testimonials

“I can not recommend Dr. Dan and his staff enough!  Dr. Dan has helped me when other PTs weren’t able to.  He is an incredible problem solver – I swear I can see his brain working when I speak with him and when he gives me diagnostic tests.  The philosophy over there is to rehab you so you 1) don’t need them and 2) can still participate in life, whether you’re an athlete or not.  I would give more than 5 stars if I could.  Since seeing him, I’ve been able to squat heavy without pain or mobility restriction and that is amazing.  Also, everyone who I have referred to in Breakthrough Performance has had great results.”


“I’ve had, and continue to have, great experiences with Dan and the people at Breakthrough Performance.  He can diagnose the problem, explain what’s happening in a super technical way or dumbed down version, fix the problem and give me ways to prevent the same thing happening again.” 

Mark N

“I have been to at least 10 Physical therapists in the past 10 years and none of them have been even remotely as effective and professional as Dan. He is a  true specialist in his field and I would recommend him to anyone feeling discouraged by countless ineffective physical therapy sessions.  He will take it to the next level and help you fix your problem. He is well worth the money and time. He is the only person that was able to treat my problem and fix it so that I could continue to do sports. Thanks Dan you are a wealth of knowledge and a true gem to Asheville!”

Ben R

“Dan The Man, that’s how I have it in my phone. Dan is truly involved in what he does and is not one of those half in/half out people in his craft. I’ve lived with pain in my lower back for decades and most recently an injury that I’ve been dealing with for over two years now. After a month and a half in, (a couple months left to go) I can go an entire day before I notice any discomfort. I was ready to accept that I’ll never be an athlete again. However, after working with Dan, I 100% believe I can compete again! Dan’s value far exceeds his pricing, this man is a godsend.” 

Temple M

 “I had been dealing with the same running injury for close to a year. I had seen multiple PTs and there would always be a little improvement but a few weeks later the injury would show up again. Since I have been seeing Emma this ankle and foot injury is almost non existent. Emma has helped me through dry needling and has given me a number of exercises that other PTs haven’t. I have now been at the same weekly mileage for almost two months without having to take a break due to my ankle. I highly recommend Emma and the team at Breakthrough! Definitely will be sticking with them.” 

Wesley C

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Donna A

“Dr Dan is an excellent Physical Therapist. Due to his individualized exercises and personalized advice, I have returned to Ultimate Frisbee, running, and moving freely without pain. As an over 50 female, I am in better shape than ever and am enjoying a resurgence of athletics and freedom. I’m grateful for his support and time!” 

Anya H

“Dr. Dan is an excellent practitioner! His dry needling and exercises were integral in healing my frozen shoulder! I refer my chiropractic patients to him when I know that his modalities would help them best.  Thank you ????”