Pelvic Floor In Asheville

The pelvic floor is a “sling” of muscles spanning the bowl of the pelvis and this set of structures has many connections with the core, low back, and hip musculoskeletal systems.

Important functions such a childbirth, urination, bowel movements, and sex can be affected by changes in the pelvic floor. Changes in the pelvic floor can be caused by new activity demands, age-related changes, pregnancy, childbirth, trauma, and numerous other reasons.

We have therapists trained specially in treating pelvic floor dysfunctions, with the focus on finding the root of the issue and holistically treating the symptoms you are experiencing.

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Anya H

“Dr. Dan is an excellent practitioner! His dry needling and exercises were integral in healing my frozen shoulder! I refer my chiropractic patients to him when I know that his modalities would help them best.  Thank you ????” 

Dennis T

“61 y/o male Crossfitter with limited overhead mobility and radiating from the shoulder.  An unrushed and thorough consultation – diagnosis and treatment fully explained.  After a few weeks, I noticed a definite improvement in range of motion as well as strength in my overhead position.  Well worth my time and money – highly recommend”