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What is ulnar styloid impaction syndrome? Not exactly a household word. But certainly one that patients with ulnar-side wrist pain become familiar with rather quickly. First of all, ulnar-sided wrist …more
In this case report, hand surgeons from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Department of Orthopedic Surgery) use the patient example of a 49-year-old man with a triangular fibrocartilage …more
No one knows better than a surgeon who specializes in hand surgery the difficulties of repairing some wrist fractures. In this article, distal radial fractures are the focus. In particular, the surgic …more
Kienböck disease is a condition in which one of the small bones of the wrist loses its blood supply and dies, causing pain and stiffness with wrist motion. In the late stages of the disease, the …more
There are several different types of fractures that affect the wrist. This article is focused on fractures of the joint between the two bones of the forearm (the radius and the ulna). Those two bones …more
The wrist is made up of two rows of small bones. One row of bones articulate (move) against the two bones of the forearm. The second row lines up with the base of the fingers and thumb. A fracture of …more
The wrist with its double layer of bones and ability to turn and twist in all directions is a challenge to replace. For many years, anyone with severe wrist pain, deformity, loss of motion, and loss o …more
People with severe wrist arthritis (usually from rheumatoid arthritis) find themselves in a bit of a bind — literally. With pain, swelling, and loss of wrist motion it becomes increasingly difficult …more
Patients with severe wrist pain limiting function who don’t improve with conservative (nonoperative) care may benefit from surgery. In this study, hand surgeons performed the Wilhelm’s wrist denervati …more
What’s the Best Treatment for Wrist Fractures in Older Adults? Wrist fractures among older adults are on the rise and expected to continue in that trend. Active Baby Boomers who are likely to live lo …more
There are only six cases of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) reported in the medical literature. Oops, make that seven with this report from South Korea. With so few cases of any condition, surgeons ar …more
In this article, Dr. R. J. Strauch from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City presents an update on the treatment of two causes of wrist arthritis …more
So you have the telltale bump on the back of your wrist that comes and goes. It hurts when you move your wrist as far as it will go into extension. Any movement that puts pressure into the palm (like …more
There’s a new kid on the block and his name is distal radioulnar joint or DRUJ. In plain English that means a replacement of the wrist joint. More specifically, we’re talking about the place where the …more
Clients with distal radial wrist fractures were found to have a lesser incidence of CRPS “complex regional pain syndrome” if they took a 500 mg suppliment of oral vitamin C. It is suggested that a Ju …more
Suffering from a sore wrist? This article describes the rare condition of Kienbocks disease, where the blood supply to the lunate bone is cut off, and the person presents with symptoms which mimic a s …more