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Q: I’ve been told that I might get some benefit from “shock therapy” to my knee for a bad case of “Jumper’s Knee.” Is this really a safe method of treatment? Sounds gruesome but I’m desperate and wil …more
Maybe I’m being a bit obsessive compulsive but that is my nature. I’m investigating the use of platelet-rich plasma to treat a chronic tendon problem I have. So far, I understand the concept and the p …more
Are there any safety issues with blood injection plasma for tendon tears? I’m planning to have this treatment but thought I’d do a little checking on the Internet before actually going through with it …more
Tendon repair can be tricky business. When the process gets interrupted for any reason, the tendon may get stuck in a lose-lose situation. Too much inflammation (and even sometimes not enough inflamma …more
There are at least 16 different collection kits available on the market for platelet-rich plasma. They are not all the same and the differences may make affect results of studies trying to determine t …more
According to the authors of this review and update on platelet-rich plasma (PRP), there are now 1000s of articles published on the topic. Yet for all that research, we still don’t know if platelet-ric …more
About a month ago, my left wrist started aching for no known reason. I finally had it X-rayed and sure enough, there was a fracture in the scaphoid bone. How is it possible to have a wrist fracture an …more
Sports injuries command a lot of attention in the orthopedic world. Keeping athletes in tip top shape and in playing or competitive mode is a top priority for sports medicine specialists. Toward that …more