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In this article, surgeons from the Combined Orthopaedics Residency Program at Harvard Medical School put together a review of the evaluation and management of Scheuermann’s kyphosis for adults. They i …more
Can idiopathic scoliosis (IS) be improved through bracing? That is a question that has been studied and debated for years. There are plenty of studies that conclude it is not possible, especially when …more
Did you know you can die from a rib fracture? Broken and displaced with jagged edges, a fractured rib from chest trauma can puncture the lungs leading to multiple problems. Having more than one rib fr …more
Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) are a bad deal all the way around. They cause pain, disability, and even death. The patient can end up with a stooped posture, which then cuts down on their air …more
Do you have questions about scoliosis? This article discusses the quality of life of adults who used braces to correct their scoliosis when they were younger.
This article will be of interest to you as it reviews the use of vertebral body stapling to correct this curvature.
Curvature of the spine called scoliosis can occur with no known cause. When older children and teens are affected, it’s called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). Despite our many advances in medic …more
Patients should participate in Physical Therapy after having spinal surgery on the lower back for degeneration injuries in order to help improve the success of the surgery, recommends the North Americ …more